4 10 08 - Seasonal cycles of plasma steroids and...

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Seasonal cycles of plasma steroids and reproductive behavior See steroids that become elevated during the prenesting period- have to do with way of making effects and build nervous system so that they can make and hear those calls. So this helps orchestrate all the events involved in the production of the gametes and important behaviors. Female during pre-nedsting time, the ovaries are large and after, in the non reproductive stage, they are almost nonexistent For the males the sonic muscle is huge and very vascularized, not the case with the female. These muscles are attatched to the gas filled swim bladder. This swim-bladder is an outcropping of the pharynx Calling makes have higher steroid levels than non callers. These toad fish are active at day and at night. Play speakers that play natural calls they respond to it right away. When you transplant males that do not originally call to areas where with calling males, they will then call. When exposed- these are the baseline breeding levels and the control is the baseline nonbreeding. Can experience fluctuations based on the social situation. So this can play an energetic role a maetabolic role. Looked at cortisol levels and 11 KT levels. Play sounds in the tank- immediate response, think that they’re responding to what they
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4 10 08 - Seasonal cycles of plasma steroids and...

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