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EDU 321 Introduction to Serving English Language Learners Lesson Plan Name: Ursula Kupferer Grade Level: 1 st Grade Monolingual/preliterate in native language what level are the Ell students in this class? Subject Area: Social Studies Topic: United States Flag – is this part of the 1 st grade social studies curriculum in your state? Content: With 4 th of July approaching fast, this will be a great way to teach English Language learners about the American flag. Words like flag, stripes, stars, states, colonies, and red, white, blue; courage, purity and justice will be emphasized. Learning Outcome: Lesson Plan Grading Rubric Content Area Points Possible Points Received Grade level and academic subject are identified. 3 3 The lesson plan includes features of sheltered instruction. 3 3 Rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation are followed. 1 1 Sentences are complete, clear, well constructed, and concise. 1 1 At least two references, excluding the text. 1 1 The lesson plan is 2-3 pages in length 1 1 Total Points 10 10 Comments: Ursula, nice job following the format of the lesson plan. The content of your lesson is good –
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This note was uploaded on 12/16/2010 for the course EDU 321 taught by Professor Banks during the Spring '10 term at Ashford University.

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Kupferer_Ursula_EDU_321_Lesson_Plan[2] - Lesson Plan...

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