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Cross II Data 2008

Cross II Data 2008 - yellow 827 miniature forked 861 yellow...

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Cross II Class Data 2008 For the Cross II lab report, be sure you analyze your own data as well as ALL the class data shown here! Work out all possible map distances, devise a composite map, & compare it to the map found in your textbook. Cross A: yellow crossveinless x white yellow crossveinless 1423 white 1459 yellow 216 white crossveinless 192 yellow white 34* crossveinless 28* yellow crossveinless white 5* wildtype 13* Cross B: yellow x miniature forked
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Unformatted text preview: yellow 827 miniature forked 861 yellow miniature 94 forked 100 yellow forked 194 miniature 204 yellow miniature forked 399 wildtype 425 Cross C: miniature x yellow crossveinless miniature 684 yellow crossveinless 656 miniature yellow 96 crossveinless 110 miniature crossveinless 24 yellow 32 miniature yellow crossveinless 173 wildtype 189 * number has been adjusted...
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