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CE334L Fall 2010 Prof. Nastar Homework #3 Due: 10/18/10, 3:30 PM (Hardcopy to be submitted in class before the lecture starts) Provide concrete mix design given the following conditions: Target concrete strength = 3000psi in 28days Type of Construction: Reinforced Beams Cement : Type IA (Normal, Air-Entraining) with a relative density of 3.15
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Unformatted text preview: Max aggregate size = 1 inch (Gravel type) No additional admixtures Exposure conditions : exposed to fresh water CA: Specific gravity = 2.68 (oven dry gravel) Absorption = 0.5% (SSD) d= 100 lb/cuft. (oven dry) Moisture = 1% (actual condition) FA: Specific gravity = 2.64 Absorption = 0.7% (SSD) Moisture = 2% fineness modulus = 2.8...
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