Appeal to Catholicism-columbus-Hist103 essay 1 notes, from 1st part of book

Appeal to Catholicism-columbus-Hist103 essay 1 notes, from 1st part of book

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Appeal to Catholicism, a religious expedition, he expanded Spanish empire. Signed it as Christ paper. Greedy for gold He went to Japan. He considers himself as a godsend-dela casas. It had nothing to do with my immense knowledge, it was all bc of god’s will. He put emphasis on this only when he failed in his voyage. King jao of portugual Mathematicians/scholars from Spanish had already told him from the beginning that he was wrong in his calcs. Colombus convinced that he reached the outer lands, it was just a coping mechanism. All accounts are from eastern perspective. Pg. 70 fiscal characteristics of people. Didn’t know they were spreading diseases. Was probably a desperate situation after a couple weeks because they were running out of supplies that they started to take advantage of the native people. Search for gold for the empire. Discovery and encounter-europeans are superior, pg.71 --had no sense of value, given pounds of cotton, taken advantage of. Can take advantage of Pg.70-physical descriptions of NA Americans, they description was quite , describes them as gentle, gives
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Unformatted text preview: them ideas When his ship sinks, consoling him-pg 76— Pg79.-towersends at 36 min. Continuity Trying to bring religion across the west.-this was the number one motive, only because To see if he was right-ferd-columbus, about their being land in the west.-crusades, reconquista, pagans-a lot of experience that Europeans have converting pagas…-constant desire to expand, and to find riches.-Trade-approach of how to get resrouces, exporting slaves from Portugal, and Africa.-resource exploitation: canaries, Portugal. What are some things cc says? Continued a theme brought back from spain, imperialistic, wanted to make it feel like it was home.-he was creating the travel tales stories THINK ABOUT MARCO POLO, THINK ABOUT THE NATIVE PEOPLE, HOW HE IS FITTING HE IS NOT EXPECTING TO FIND INDIES, BUT LAND IN JAPAN. HOW IS COLUMBUS FITTING THESE PEOPLE WITH HIS EXPECTATIONS? THE WAY HE BEHAVES IS MEDIEVAL....
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Appeal to Catholicism-columbus-Hist103 essay 1 notes, from 1st part of book

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