galileo - Part 1-To Florence Galileo was already world...

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Part 1-To Florence Galileo was already world renowned scientist around 1623. Named one of his daughters After her dead sister, Virginia0who was a smart child just like Galileo. Illicit-illegal Christened-nicknamed, baptized. Galileo was about to engage in heresy near the 17 th century with the catholic church, he was about to say things like the earth was not motionless, and not the center of the universe, that the earth traveled around the sun. Virginia=maria celeste, became her name when she became a nun-reason was to impress her father Galileo. Even as a nun, remained loyal to father. Published a book that brought him to trial by the “Holy office of the inquisition. Livia-gal’s silent, strange, 2 nd daughter. Family leaves him, ends up marrying…. 49yrs old-stood lone in his world view, started his career in mathematics, taught at pisa, and then at Padua, every philopspher tied his name to the best series of astronomical discoveries . Pg. 6 “ I render infinite thanks to God”……happy and thanks god that he was the 1 st one to see the moon and other marvels. -these marvels transformed Gal’s life, he won apptment as chief mathematician and philosopher as chief mathematician and grand duke in 1610, and moved to Florence, to assume a position at the court of coismo de medici. Marina=wife of gal. Lionized-glorified, praised, treated as a celebrity, gal was sort of treated like Columbus, even as he attained the height of his glory, he also attracted hatred and suspicion. Said he saw dark spots on the face of the sun. Credence-acceptance, authority, weight or belief to. His discoveries supported Nicolaus Copernicus. Promulgating-propagating, spreading, broadcasted, his ideas.
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Flamboyant-showy, gaudy, Bawdy-rude 1616-he is warned by a pope, and a cardinal inquisitor, “warning him to curtail(limit, restrict, reduce) his forays(assault, raids, incursions) into the supernal realms. And said to him to leave it to the church, they will get their ideas from the Psalms, and the bible. Supernal He obeyed church orders. 7 yrs did something else Jovian Developed sea navigation, got a compound microscope. IN 1623, after his sister Virginia died, he returns to his sun-centered ideas. There was a new pope, Pontiff Urban 8, he liked intellectualism and had an interest in scientific investiagation. Were good friends, galileo’s glass(telescope), supported him. This pope encouraged him. Two controversial ideas: suncentered and earth centered universes…. Galileo’s daughter supports him because his “convction that God had dicated the Holy Scriptures to guide mens spirit but proffered the unraveling of the universe as a challenge to their intelliegence. Prodigious(extraordinary, phenomenal, execeptional) His daughter said that he was innocent, and since she was a part of the church, it helped Galileo to pursue his studies. She was an alchemist too, pg.9 concocted elixirs and pills for Galileo. Convent of san mateo-near a hillside south of Florence, was where the mail or letters to gal were sent.
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galileo - Part 1-To Florence Galileo was already world...

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