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hist103 9.11.9-giovanni and lusanna-

hist103 9.11.9-giovanni and lusanna- - Lusanna and gio...

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Lusanna and gio marry, but their marriage is not legal. Lus says its legal, but gio says it isn’t. the court s archbishop makes their marriage legal. Ser flippo, and archbishop, make the case. Gio deceived her from the beginning, witnesses of gio are liars. Unequal status of women, status difference of Giovanni’s power. Lusannas was taken advantage of. Case was about Giovanni’s legitimate marriage. What was the situation, what happened? Lussanna married, had marital relations with Gio. Gio just slept around because it was acceptable for upper class to do so. Her husband dies, Lusanna’s reputation was quite a bit damage because she was from an aristocrats family. Gio was more believeable because of his upper class status. The other woman, Marietta, 15 rich, upper class. 2 years later gio What happened at the wedding, the supposed wedding? She gets dressed in green dressed, friar, fra felice, he wouldn’t come? Horns-a husband whose cheated upon.
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