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Nicole - potential to become a Tropical Storm earlier This...

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Christian Max Andreychak EAS 191 Lab September 28, 2010 A new Tropical Storm called Nicole is developing over the Caribbean stated by AolNews. They saw with no doubt the it will form a full-fledge tropical storm and with it, it will produce heaving rain causing serous flooding in Cuba and Florida and the Atlantic Coast. Before it does become a tropical storm it needs the right atmospheric conditions and sea-surface temperature as it travels across the sea. The National Hurricane Center give it a 40 percent change of it becoming a full swing tropical storm before it hits Cuba on Wednesday. With that there is no official forecast tracking issued by the U.S. Government which means it isn’t being taken to serious, but it should be. If Tropical Storm Nicole does form before Wednesday and because it is so close to land, it will cause heavy rainfall leading to flooding. If Nicole does travels along the Atlantic coast just off shore, it will have a greater
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Unformatted text preview: potential to become a Tropical Storm earlier. This will also, cause flash flooding as the winds will increase the beaches waves. Or if Nicole travels on a more inland track it will reduce the winds of Nicole. When the winds are reduced that means the rain will increase the rain but in a smaller area. Sadly, this could be a good thing because most the east coast is in a drought and the rain will reduce it, but it also could just floor everything over. Nicole is a 50/50 shot if will cause damage or just push by as just a rainstorm. The more time it is over the ocean the sooner it will become a Tropical Storm. From our standpoint we want it to hit the inlands early because the long it that’s to hit us the more violet it will become, but it can damage more select areas with floods. “New Tropical Storm May be Brewing in Caribeans.” By AolNews...
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Nicole - potential to become a Tropical Storm earlier This...

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