2009 Fall Midterm 1

2009 Fall Midterm 1 - Name RUID Midterm Exam 1 CS352 Fall...

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Name: RUID: Midterm Exam 1 CS352: Fall 2009 October 12, 2009 Do not open the exam until you are told to begin. Write your name legibly on the top of each page of the exam. You have 80 minutes to complete this exam. There is no leaving the room while taking the exam. If you think you might need to leave the room during the exam, you must do so before starting the exam. The exam has 7 questions, 115 points total. Not all points are created equal. Go for the easy points first! Make sure you have all 12 pages of the exam before you begin. You may only use a pencil or a black- or blue-colored pen. You may not use any notes, books, or electronic devices. Cell phones must be turned off or in silent mode. The Rutgers policy on Academic Integrity applies to this exam. Show ALL work. Grading Use Only I (15 pts) II (15 pts) III (20 pts) IV (15 pts) V (20 pts) VI (15 pts) VII (15 pts) Total (115) Page 1 of 12
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RUID: I. Quickies (15 points) A. List the 5 layers of the IP stack and give a brief (1 sentence) description of the purpose of each. Application – End-host applications are defined here. (HTTP, FTP, DNS) Transport – Reliable data transfer is implemented here. (TCP, UDP) Network – Routing packets from end-host to end-host is implemented here. (IP) Datalink – Frames are transferred between directly-connected hosts. (Ethernet, 802.11a/b/g) Physical – Bits are represented as physical values and sent across a physical medium. (RS-232, T1, Ethernet) B. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) systems define 4 primitive actions: join, publish, search, and fetch . Describe how BitTorrent implements these 4 actions. Join – A peer contacts a tracker to receive a list of other peers and directly connect to them. Publish – A user uploads a torrent metainfo file to a tracker. Search – Implemented out-of-band (e.g. web search). Fetch – A peer downloads discrete pieces of a file or files directly from other peers that have pieces of the file or files. C. What properties of layering and encapsulation allow for independent development of routing protocols that build on underlying link-layer protocols? By separating networking protocols into layers and ensuring that each layer is encapsulated as effectively as possible, programmers are able to develop routing protocols based on a well-established external API from the link layer. No knowledge of the link layer implementation is necessary. This greatly simplifies and speeds routing protocol development. Page 2 of 12
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2009 Fall Midterm 1 - Name RUID Midterm Exam 1 CS352 Fall...

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