2009 Summer Midterm 1

2009 Summer Midterm 1 - Name: RUID: Midterm Exam CS352:...

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Name: RUID: Midterm Exam CS352: Summer 2009 July 15, 2009 Do not open the exam until you are told to begin. Write your name legibly on the top of each page of the exam. You have 180 minutes to complete this exam. There is no leaving the room while taking the exam. If you think you might need to leave the room during the exam, you must do so before starting the exam. The exam has 23 questions, 100 points total. Not all points are created equal. Go for the easy points first! Make sure you have all 10 pages of the exam before you begin. You may only use a pencil or a black- or blue-colored pen. You may not use any notes, books, or electronic devices. Cell phones must be turned off or in silent mode. The Rutgers policy on Academic Integrity applies to this exam. Show ALL work. Grading Use Only I (20 pts) II (15 pts) III (20 pts) IV (10 pts) V (20 pts) VI (15 pts) Total (100)
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Name: RUID: I. Quickies (20 points) A. Differentiate between time-division multiplexing and statistical multiplexing (packet switching). In time-division multiplexing, each host on the link is assigned a time slot during which to broadcast. Each host is given an equal time slot regardless of whether they broadcast or not. In statistical multiplexing, each host broadcasts when it has data to send, and when collisions occur, hosts rebroadcast according to a specific algorithm. Statistical multiplexing “wastes” less bandwidth by allowing all hosts to transmit whenever they want, instead of making them wait. B. List the 5 layers of the IP stack and give a brief description of the purpose of each.
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2009 Summer Midterm 1 - Name: RUID: Midterm Exam CS352:...

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