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IMG_0006 - rXh 1y,g yQg"ct4n'brrn'olgcl,r\Cr l^rn L...

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. tta\& * \itg' t,r z , -trvno- 'r\44d{d fY its -tr^t+ -htu fio L* -ad&(: {'V )\,t- [x. (zVen ),t" = tr A"tS ,.* *r r'' r,n*nl)*) , {rln4 Crxr" dr s^oecur6L$) in m5/u Y't--'W-'' X''ft- ffi [,*] = I}lo o Pt \ - L\nz/,.0a) x laoa) - [t :{ m3 lr) v- * g.o5 m3/u crlvuryrtra\q 1D eatl \n2'0.toq?."- astor 9od6$5 to maqrvtF it< rr'rhia[ vd,p .?n4 - o rd.!r T^'tErated, f,-- #.-'M'+ Ww-l{v,' *'tu'fuu Yal<. [-r4t.rs I - ;'- cil;- rc' m, \r ."* 9\u?g t-=1q ft- p5 G-t_ - tAtr s\ose u Unryno\gc^,,\4.
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Unformatted text preview: rXh : 1y,g- yQg"ct4n+ 'brrn'olgcl,r\Cr l^rn ; L , 1ar^vvs6\'elu[o'r f]'!'t: b K,, Lrl LpJ LklL Bl Oz -2 Ott O OztO -r OS Or+Oe-t O r-=06*O3 ' w +h't rw\r(s n,ost- 4nlr$v is gl}{ sit'g . charn vqltcfro,, ' a ,hight$ ructr ve intervnal,id,te fl-u,c\s \o groduce ansllur h{hB WrrArvO, tntervnodi*p,dhtch rq.a.c* +, y"A ;*hr., o^d s0 of\' Ai,lbrivm AtB+ C+D ' \ 'r - d- pag afterrtiun-to this ' .-g:^.3D Rata'#lillff &p-aAtB R"at'e...
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