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chem6C_game1 - 1 Which of the following compounds has a...

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Unformatted text preview: 1) Which of the following compounds has a chiral carbon? A) Br E) O I) O H F) O NH2 J) O B) OH NH2 OH C) O D) OH G) O 3) Draw 10 correct isomers of C6H10O OH H) O Bonus: to what functional group does each belong? 4) Which of the following molecules is aromatic? Why? A) O D) 2) Molecules A and B both have the molecular formula C5H10. Molecule A reactions with 1 equivalent of H2 with a platinum catalyst. Molecule B does not react. What is one possibility for the structure of Molecule A? Molecule B? B) E) C) ...
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