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Teaching Topics – English 302 In order to satisfy the requirements of the Writing Programs, and to ensure that English  302 remains an “L” credit course, students will construct four major writing assignments  (from the selections below).  Of those, an Employment Communications assignment is a  required assignment.  However, all of the suggested teaching topics should be touched  on during the course of English 302. The depth and emphasis of that coverage is up to  each individual instructor. Although it may superficially appear that the “menu” of recommended teaching topics is  narrow, there exists quite an array of assignment possibilities as one more closely 
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Unformatted text preview: examines the options. Please visit the ENG 302 Course Development Guide for thorough Teaching Topic descriptions, sample assignments, and sample syllabi. Teaching Topics – English 302 Required Teaching Topic: •1 Employment Communications (must include résumé and letter of application) Other Teaching Topic choices: •2 Correspondence (all types) •3 Long and short reports incorporation of analytical /technical data (charts, graphs, spreadsheets, etc.) include research aspect •1 Executive summaries and/or abstracts as report preface material •2 Proposals / RFPs •3 Presentation Materials that incorporate PPT slides last revision: 08/15/06...
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TeachingTopicsV81506-REVISED-FINALforwebsite - examines the...

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