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chapter 11-trial 1. Focus on Concepts, Question 1 The drawing shows three containers filled to the same height with the same fluid. In which container, if any, is the pressure at the bottom greatest? Container C, because its bottom has the least surface area. Container A, because its bottom has the greatest surface area. All three contains have the same pressure at the bottom. Container A, because it has the greatest volume of fluid. Container B, because it has the least volume of fluid. 2. Focus on Concepts, Question 4 Two liquids, 1 and 2, are in equilibrium in a U-tube that is open at both ends, as in the drawing. The liquids do not mix, and liquid 1 rests on top of liquid 2. How is the density ρ 1 of liquid 1 related to the density ρ 2 of liquid 2? There is not enough information to tell which liquid has the greater density. ρ 1 is greater than ρ 2 . ρ 1 is less than ρ 2 . ρ 1 is equal to ρ 2 , since the liquids are in equilibrium. 3. Focus on Concepts, Question 8 12/6/2010 Print Assignment: chapter 11-trial :: edugen.wiley.com/edugen/…/agprint.un… 1/6
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Two objects, A and B, have the same volume and are completely submerged in a liquid, although A is deeper than B. Which object, if either, experiences the greater buoyant force? Object B, because the closer an object is to the surface, the greater is the buoyant force. Both objects experience the same buoyant force. Object A, because, being at a greater depth, it experiences a greater pressure. 4. Focus on Concepts, Question 11 Two beakers are filled to the same level with water. One of them has a plastic ball floating in the water. If the beakers are placed on a scale, one at a time, which weighs more? The beaker without the plastic ball weighs more.
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Print%20Assignment_%20chapter11-trial - Print Assignment...

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