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502 Homework 2010 Set 9

502 Homework 2010 Set 9 - OPTI-502 Optical Design and...

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OPTI-502 Optical Design and Instrumentation I John E. Greivenkamp Homework Set 9 Fall, 2010 Assigned: 10/26/10 Lecture 19 Due: 11/02/10 Lecture 21 Note that in many 502 homework and exam problems, only the magnitude of the magnification or MP is given. You need to determine the sign based upon the configuration. 9-1) A medium-format digital single lens reflex (DSLR) is to be designed using an image sensor in the DX or APS-C format. The sensor size is 24 x 16 mm. a) The first task is to specify the focal length of the camera objective. The field of view for distant objects should be equivalent to a 35 mm film based camera with a 38 mm focal length lens. The 35 mm film format is 24 x 36 mm. b) The next task is to determine the lens focus positions needed to cover a range of object positions from infinity to 500 mm. The camera lens will operate at f/4. One criteria for good image focus is that the blur diameter due to defocus matches the pixel width on the sensor. For this problem, diffraction and aberrations are to be ignored. (Note that this criterion is very conservative, and significantly more blur may still produce good images.) The pixels on the image sensor are 10.0 x 10.0 μ m. The first focus zone extends from infinity to its L NEAR . The next zone starts at this position as L FAR and continues to a new L NEAR . The zones continue until the entire object range is covered. At each zone, give the required sensor location relative to the rear focal point of the lens. These values actually provide the amount of lens motion that is required to go from zone to zone (as the lens is actually moved, not the sensor).
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