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Letter To Kevin Sousa

Letter To Kevin Sousa - Dear Kevin Sousa The reason why I...

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Dear Kevin Sousa, The reason why I did not pass in the original add/drop sheet was simply human error. I had started the semester under the impression that I would be going part time by taking only two classes and then finishing up my senior year through the January term. However after reviewing tuition costs I found that the time and costs of this route would not be highly beneficial so I decided that it would be in my best interest to go full time, pay full out of state tuition, and finish up right away. In a rush to meet the deadlines I met with a few different professors who taught the remaining required courses and was able to get permission by the professors in Greek and in CS401. I had been building my add sheet and getting signatures by professors during their office hours in order to get the sheet in on time. I remember getting the final signature and bringing it to the registrar’s office but do not remember what the situation was that prevented me from handing it in on time that day.
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