APT 1st - Greg Tsigounis American Political Thought First...

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Greg Tsigounis American Political Thought First Paper 11/8/10 During the early years of the United States a lot of complications arose around creating a foundation of the new nation. It’s apparent through history that the United States governmental body has taken different shapes throughout the course of its early life. In the beginning the United States was a series of colonies acting under the British unitary system. The British system held all its power at the national level and gave little power to its states, however in result of the execution toward revolution the United States became a confederation under the Articles of Confederation. During the time the US acted under the Articles of Confederations the union of states held equal status that gave little power to a national government. Since the United states was a vastly sized nation that was made up of a wide diversity of political sub-divisions both unitary and confederation governmental structures proved unsuccessful and a call for new form was urgent. This new form of government we use today and has resulted from the ratification of the United States Constitution. During its drafting and ratification period two separate political groups emerged and argued over its content. The two groups were the Federalists, who proposed the ratification of the Constitution, and the Anti-Federalists, who oppose the ratification of the constitution. This time period is very important toward understanding the foundation of which we govern our selves today and the process that took place in order to create an effective long lived document in which we rule under. The Ant-Federalist spoke out against the constitution and spread their views through documentation that make up the Anti-Federalist papers. These papers were publications that marketed their stance to the people in order to inform them that the contents of the constitution was giving too much power toward the national government, the presidential position could potentially lead to a monarchy, and was dangerous toward violations of
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APT 1st - Greg Tsigounis American Political Thought First...

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