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Greg Tsigounis International Environmental Politics Reading Analysis October 21, 2010 David Levy and Peter Newell approach international relations regarding environmental policies and practices through a conceptual basis in their book “The Business of Global Environmental Governance.” Levy and Newell explore the defining variables that shape international environmental policies by using different approaches in order to provide the tools and information that will lead toward a better understanding of what actors are playing a major role in environmental policy building. According to their arguments the role of businesses plays a key part in establishing international environmental politics. The book does not display a common stereotypical attack on the public sector nor does it advertise it. Both Levy and Newell agree that these types of generalizations of the private sector are not helpful toward providing conceptual answers. They commonly reject the repetitive assumptions that scientist should work toward providing answers for the use of politicians and other related consumers and instead draw upon conceptually based ideas that act as tools in order to help others seek the correct answers for themselves. They developed a new powerful conceptual understanding that finds insight toward the new dynamics of environmental policy and practices that have evolved as major companies increase their roles toward their implementation. Business plays a key role in international environmental politics and is considered a central player toward the societal response of environmental issues. Private firms, indirectly and directly, have a shared effect on resource depletion, energy use, and hazardous emissions. The large corporations dominate the value chain by developing
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IEP CLASS DISC - Greg Tsigounis International Environmental...

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