a2 - Part II - Modified Book Format Now you are ready to...

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Part II - Modified Book Format Now you are ready to print this document in an additional format (Part II). The text will be essentially the same in each case, but by altering the format the appearance of the document will change significantly. Save a copy of history.docx as history1.docx . Then modify the format history1.docx as described below to put it into a book style. The purpose of this part of the assignment is basically to acquaint you with other formatting features and extend your proficiency with Word. Note: It’s possible that the specific fonts listed below may not be available on the computer you are using. If that is the case, choose from the fonts that are available, making sure that the differences between them are discernible, and that you use the exact point size and style indicated. Note any font changes you have made in writing on the printouts you submit. Set the font of the body text to Bookman Old Style and its font size to 10 points . Set its alignment to Justify . If you do this step first, the simplest way to handle it is to apply the changes to the text of the entire document, and then change specific parts as needed in subsequent steps. Set the left and right margins to 1.2 inches each and the top and bottom margins to 0.75 inch each. The main heading (or title ) for the document should be bold and left-aligned . Set its font to Comic Sans MS and the size to 16 point . Rather than formatting the remaining headings directly, you will indicate to Word that they are headings by applying heading styles to them. The heading styles will determine the font, size, and several other features, including the spacing above and below the headings. Since the styles include spacing, you should delete the blank lines above and below the headings that you inserted in Part I above. Select each of the chapter headings and set their style to Heading 1 . Apply the
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a2 - Part II - Modified Book Format Now you are ready to...

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