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THDA - Greg Tsigounis THDA April 9 2010 The performances...

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Greg Tsigounis THDA April 9, 2010 The performances, Four By Saints-Saens and Duke Ellington Meets Sherlock Holmes, complimented each other very well. I thought that the two story lines were a good match in the structure of the nights show. This has not been my first time going to a dance production like this where they mix ballet tap and jazz into one night and was really quite impressed, especially with Duke Ellington Meets Sherlock Holmes. It has been a long time since I have seen a dance production and was almost nostalgic feeling being able to remember all the time I have spent supporting friends growing up who took place in productions just like this. Although I liked the productions I feel as if both had their strengths and weaknesses. The ballet production of Four By Saints-Saens strongest element was its story line. It developed a story around two female dancers seeking the love of the same man. The dancing as well as the costumes that were used displayed a very clear storyline and made it very easy to follow.
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