GREEK culture - Greg Tsigounis 04/08/2010 Greek...

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Greg Tsigounis 04/08/2010 Greek – Movie/Culture Paper In the movie of The Nymph and the handsome fellow we see the unraveling of a love story whose conflict lies within Greek culture. The movies two main characters come together without knowing the conflict that is present between the two families. The nymph plays the role of a woman who is wanted by all the men of Greece and is said that she could have anybody she wants. A handsome man then enters her life and she begins to fall head over heels for him. The man depicts a character of a well put stature that puts him apart from the other men loathing for her love. However as the man learns first their families are in a disagreement involving regional Greek conflict which is intrinsically common in Greece. The political process in Greece is energetically and openly participated in by the people. It is very common for public demonstrations to appear as a continual feature within life in Greece because of it highly vocal support of its citizens against claims of
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GREEK culture - Greg Tsigounis 04/08/2010 Greek...

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