Cultural Diversity - the FBI is now able to investigate...

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Cultural Diversity Even though some people group Muslims and Arabs together, the truth is that they are two different groups of people. Someone who is Muslim is based on their choice of religion. The Muslim religion believes that there is no God but God; Muhammad is the messenger of God. They also believe that everyone is equal. Arabs on the other hand can be Muslim, but do not have to be. Someone who is of Arabic descent means that they have Middle Eastern blood in them. America had a tragedy on September 11 th , 2001. Due to this tragedy there has been several hate crimes have occurred to Arabic people. There are some people that think that all Arabic people are going to be a terrorist. These ignorant people think this of all women that wear a head scarf or even the men who wear turbans. One of the things that America has done in order to change the treatment of the Muslim and Arabic member of society is to change the policy which
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Unformatted text preview: the FBI is now able to investigate Americans without any evidence that they have done anything wrong. This is to insure that there are equal rights and treatments to everyone living in the United States. I think that the best way to promote tolerance and reduce prejudice towards any type of person is to educate. I have always seen prejudice as just a form of ignorance. If people actually took the time to get to know about other cultures then they might be able to understand them better. Instead of people looking at a turban as a sign of terrorism, they can begin to look at it in the same way that they would look at a Yarmulke. Reference Ghazali, A. (2008) American Muslims alarmed at the new profiling policy. Retrieved on September 15 th , 2009. From
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Cultural Diversity - the FBI is now able to investigate...

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