Defining Race and Ethnic Groups

Defining Race and Ethnic Groups - Caucasians, African...

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Two words that people tend to hear a lot of are race and ethnicity. By definition ethnicity is described as ethnic traits, background, allegiance, or association. For my personal beliefs on what this word means is the almost identical. The thing that I do not necessarily agree with is that ethnicity can be by association. Your ethnicity is who you are and where your heritage began. Race is defined as a group of persons related be common descent or heredity. I have to agree with this definition as well. Race is what you are as a group of people that are all of the same ethnic background. An example of this would be
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Unformatted text preview: Caucasians, African Americans and so on and so forth. These concepts of race and ethnicity are important to the United States society because in my opinion it is a way to group people together. I also believe that parts of American society still believe that all people in one race are the same. People who have this type of mind set are still walking the thin line of being considered prejudice. To me, there is no reason to categorize any person or group of persons. No matter what color our skin is, or what our ethnic backgrounds may be, we are all individuals and should be seen in that way....
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