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Implicit Association Test - There is no way to accurately...

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While taking the Implicit Association Test , the results that I was given I did not agree with. My data suggested that I had a slight preference to European Americans over African Americans. It also stated that I have a moderate association of Native Americans with Foreign and White American with America. When I tried to take the Asian assessment it said that there was an error on the page so I could not see the results. I feel that I do not have a preference or feel differently about different races. The results did say that I did not have a preference between other people and Arab Muslims, but I did have a slight preference for light skin over dark. In my eyes everyone is equal and no one is better than another race.
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Unformatted text preview: There is no way to accurately measure prejudice. Prejudice can be many different factors and situations. For someone to take an assessment like the one that I have just taken and try to say that because of this one thing it can determine my feelings on anything is insane to me. I have also heard of something called the Bogardus Social Distance Scale that is supposed to be able to measure the degree of prejudice that someone is. As I stated before I do not think that you can honestly determine if someone is prejudice or to what extent by some test that to me was more about hand-eye coordination....
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