Modern Challenges In Immigration

Modern Challenges In Immigration - honestly say no I...

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When thinking about all the immigration problems that are in the United States of America, I have many different views on this topic. There has been the question if there should be favor shown to certain kinds of immigrants. I have no doubt in my mind that everyone should be treated equally when it comes to immigration. There should not be a preference given to anyone in under any circumstance. I understand that there are countries out there that are having many issues with their government, but if we were to start giving certain people special privileges, it could cause turmoil with other countries. When I think of the question if I would want to immigrate to the United States, I would have to
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Unformatted text preview: honestly say no. I can’t speak for other countries, but I have lived in Canada and still have family that lives there to this day. When I have spoken to them on how they feel about America they have all had the same answer. From what they know of America, there are a lot of enemies with other countries. I have to agree with them that if I was to live in another country right now, America would not be on the top of my list to move. Even with living in the United States I do not agree with what all goes on here and still wonder why we can’t be like Canada and all just get along....
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