Conservation and Preservation

Conservation and Preservation - Right now no one knows if...

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Many people have different views as to what should be done with the national forests that are around America. For me personally, I believe that they should be left alone and be preserved. It is thought that if we were to use this land we could build more things to help out with the economic issues that we are now facing. In the Bridger Tenton Video Learning Resource they have a simple statement that says that every place is someone’s favorite place. If we were to use up these preserved lands then there would be nothing left in its natural state. Everywhere you go the natural beauty has been destroyed in order to build factors that are in time going to destroy our environment.
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Unformatted text preview: Right now no one knows if there is any oil or gas under these National Forests, but they are now finding environmentally safe ways to check and see if there is any. I do lean toward the side to leave this area untouched because they do not know what is there and trying to dig it up for what might possibly be nothing would be a shame. However, if there is a way to check for these materials without harming the land and oil or gas is found, using only the small amount of area that has these things may not be a bad thing. There is 3.4 million acres in the Bridger Tenton Nation Forest alone and using only a small portion would not hurt....
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