Final Project Conserving Energy

Final Project Conserving Energy - Conservi ng Energy SCI275...

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Conservi ng Energy SCI275 Conserving Energy SCI275: Environmental Science Trent Sorensen University of Phoenix Amanda Waugh October 18, 2009 Conserving Energy
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Conservi ng Energy SCI275 Lately there have been more and more people becoming aware of the energy problem that the world is has been having. For years, energy was not something that people put too much thought into. After becoming aware that conserving energy is of extreme importance, have you looked into the causes of why the world is facing a shortage in the future? Have you actually sat down to see what energy really is or where it comes from? For most of you, the answer is no. Seeing as how you might not even know where to begin, we will start with the basics as to what energy is and the different types that there are. After you are familiar with the basics of energy sources you can then began to make a plan to help with this issue. There are two different types of energy being renewable and non renewable. The difference between these two energy sources is that renewable energy is energy that can be replaced and non renewable energy can’t. Non renewable energy consists of things such as oil, gas and coal. Once these things are used up, they are gone and can’t be replaced easily. It takes many years for this type of energy to be created and we are using it faster than it can be replaced. Renewable energy comes from the sun, wind and even tide. These are all natural sources of energy that can be replaced and we will never run out of. Currently, the majority of energy that we are using is coming from non renewable energy sources. Not only will these type of energy run out, but by using these products to produce energy we are hurting more than we know. The United States imports 55% of its oil to use for our energy, and oil spills are a serious problem. The Exxon Valdez oil spill showed people what kind of effect it could really cause. To this day there are still major differences in the environment. Some species have not been able to recover from the dangers of the oil spills. Some of the effects from the Exxon Valdez oil spill include that Harbor Seals have had a decrease by 6% a year in population since this oil spill. Harlequin Ducks had a population decline until 1992 due to reproductive failure because of the Exxon Valdez oil spill. These are just a few of the problems that came out of these deadly oil spills. Coal is currently the largest source of energy in the United States by supplying 54% of all of the
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Final Project Conserving Energy - Conservi ng Energy SCI275...

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