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Local Environmental Issue - try to help the future. Some of...

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There are several environmental problems that are significant in my town. One of the major issues that I feel is at the top of the list would have to be the landfill problem that is occurring all over the globe. Over time all of the waste that has been crammed into these landfills will break down into a dangerous toxin that is harmful to not only us as the human race, but also to the ozone. Another serious issue that arises from so much waste in a landfill is that the gases that come from the land fill can potentially harm our water. Seeing as how we cannot turn back time and take back all the wrong that we have done, we should
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Unformatted text preview: try to help the future. Some of the ways that we can start helping this dangerous situation is to recycle. By recycling it takes all of the materials that can be reused so that they are not just being thrown away. If we start to recycle this will cut back on how much waste would be going to the landfills. Another thing that could help would be to reduce the amount of garbage that is produced in the home. A way to cut down on the amount of waste is to reuse everything that you can. It could also be a good idea to not use the paper plates and cups, but to use washable cookware....
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