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Population Size - The Alien Invasion video that I watched...

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Population Size The four factors that affect the changes in population are births, deaths, immigration and emigration. The reason that the population grows is based on the births and the immigration into our country. Every time a child is born it raises the population’s number by one for each child. According to the Encyclopedia, there are 340,500 births each day in the world. Even though this is using the entire world as an example, just imagine how many of those are in the United States alone. Immigration is a major issue in the United States and every time someone new comes into our country that is another number added to our countries population. The opposite effect is when some dies or leaves the country.
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Unformatted text preview: The Alien Invasion video that I watched about Nutria, explained that the population of these animals is being increased do to births. Nutria can have 40 babies a year and each of those can start to have their own babies at the age of six months. The Nutrias are eating away at the wet lands leaving only water in their place. I predict that over time all of the wet lands will be depleted of their food source and the animals will then begin to die off. Without having a proper supply of nutrients they will not be able to survive....
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