Race and Your Community - Race and Your Community ETH125...

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Race and Your Community ETH125 Race and Your Community By: Amanda Waugh ETH125
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Race and Your Community ETH125 My husband and I are an interracial couple with a one year old son. After the birth of our son it became increasingly more important to both my husband and I to begin regularly attending services at a local church in our community. We felt it necessary to find a church that represented both of our cultures. After looking at several different places, we finally plugged in to a local non-denominational church called Abundant Harvest Ministries. We felt comfortable from the moment we walked through the doors because it seemed as though several ethnicities were represented. This was encouraging because it seemed as though most of the churches we visited in the area were either predominately white or predominately black. Neither of us had been to a church quite like this before. Each time we walk through the door we are greeted by like minded individuals who have also found a house of worship where they can be completely comfortable. Warm welcomes and hugs are often exchanged and most importantly they treat my husband, my son, and I as if we completely belong. I cannot always say the same for the world that lies beyond the front door of the church. This treatment is not exclusive to my family though. Everyone that enters is treated with respect, dignity and equality no matter their ethnic background or lifestyle choices. We originally heard about this church on a local Christian based radio station, 88.1 The Joy. I was struck by the stations advertisement of the church. Even though I was listening to a Christian station, they were portraying this church as being "outside of the norm" because they are equally and successfully infused with many cultures. Because of my own lifestyle choices, I couldn't understand why this alone would set the church apart. The Bishop, Jim Berry, is a White man who has been preaching since the age of 14. In my opinion, he is one of only a handful of ministers who has seen his dream of true church diversity come to fruition. He is a highly energetic and passionate man of God who is loved by many. He preaches a message of
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Race and Your Community - Race and Your Community ETH125...

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