Risk Assesment - Risk Assessment Risk Assessment Amanda...

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Risk Assessment Risk Assessment Amanda Waugh Axia College of Phoenix University
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Risk Assessment As a council member for the city of Genericville, I have to take into consideration all of the facts in this West Nile Virus case. As we have reviewed there are two separate views on this subject that both have a dangerous outcome. The main problem that Genericville is having right now is because the wet lands that are surrounding out city have always been helpful with the flooding issues, but is now causing a spread of mosquitoes. These mosquitoes that are over populating our wet lands are now acting as a breeding ground for diseases such as the West Nile Virus. With this virus becoming more and more common there has been an offer to help with this situation. There has been a wealthy man from our area that has suffered a loss due to the West Nile Virus. Since this man has seen what can happen from this terrible virus he has stated that he would give all the necessary funds to spray all of the ground with a pesticide called Malathion. Since we have been offered this assistance I have taken it upon myself to do more research on
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Risk Assesment - Risk Assessment Risk Assessment Amanda...

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