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AmandaWaugh_MT140_Unit6Assignment - Unit 6 Assignment The...

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Unit 6: Assignment The way that Jenny can apply the four step control process is to go through each step individually and evaluate what needs to be corrected. Step one of the four steps is setting performance standards. Jenny needs to sit back and put together a list of what all she expects out of her employees. Not only can this be done for the situation that is at hand, but all situations that have or will come up in the future. After Jenny has decided on what the standards for the employees will be, she then needs to make sure that everyone is aware of these changes. The second step in the control process would be to measure performance. Ways to measure performance standards can be by quality, quantity, time used as well as cost. It is important to let your employees know the quality of their work is expected. Not only should employees know what level their work should be on, but also the time frames in which it should be completed. By letting the employees know what exactly is expected of them, it
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