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When it comes to the location manager and what ethical issues that he would have to deal with there are two that come to mind. Seeing as how the zoning inspector has offered to approve the dumpster issue if he agrees to provide food for his company holiday party, this could cause major problems in the future. Not only is this wrong, but it could also cause a loss of jobs for both parties involved. Another issue that needs to be confronted is possible reporting this zoning officer. It is obvious that the zoning officer is not doing his job correctly or following company policies. Not only does this cause ethical issues for the location manager, but for Jack as well.
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Unformatted text preview: Just like the location manager, Jack also has to consider reporting the zoning officer. Since Jack is overseeing a company of his own, he should know what can happen when an employee does not do their job correctly. Another issue that Jack has to deal with is moving the dumpster. I believe that this would be the best solution so that there will be no further issues. Jack should not even entertain the thought of a bribe from someone who may not be the same one to come check on the same issues at a later date....
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