AmandaWaugh_MT203_Unit2Assignment - Sexual Harassment and...

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Unformatted text preview: Sexual Harassment and Discrimination 1 Running head: SEXUAL HARASSMENT AND DISCRIMINATION Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Amanda Waugh Kaplan University MT203: Human Resources Management John P Lee August 08, 2010 Sexual Harassment and Discrimination 2 Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Introduction There have been several companies that have been accused of sexual harassment as well as sex discrimination. The company EMC is no exception. Over the past seven years at least six lawsuits have been filed for these reasons. There are always ways that these types of problems can be prevented and sometimes it takes an overview of the company as a whole to come up with a solution. Even though going through this can put a damper on the company’s reputation, it is important that they learn from their mistakes. Review/Analysis of the Case The case involving the company EMC is based on sex discrimination. Sex discrimination and sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances and being treated differently for...
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AmandaWaugh_MT203_Unit2Assignment - Sexual Harassment and...

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