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In the article titled You Can’t Learn to Write without Reading, there is one simple message that is stated in that title. For many years schools have failed to see the connection between reading and writing, but when you think about it, there cannot be one without the other. There has also been a lot of confusion about how to grade writing. Some have thought that writing should be graded based solely on grammar, punctuation and spelling. Even though these are vital areas that are included in writing, there are also other things to consider as well such as how well someone can express themselves. Every state has standardized test that is required to take while attending school. While having
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Unformatted text preview: these standardized tests, there have been some of the same issues that arose with grading these tests. The people that they have to grade these tests fail to agree on what the writing standards really are. The person who wrote this article who is Morris Freedman, used to do seminars for high school junior and senior English teachers. While teaching these seminars Mr. Freedman realized that the majority of these teachers did not care about proper writing. If everyone was to get on the same page as to what is expected of writers then there would be more students able to score higher on things such as the SATs....
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