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AmandaWaugh_Unit2Assignment_CM225 - Page1 Time Management...

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Page1 Time Management Amanda Waugh CM225: College Composition II for Business Majors
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Page2 There are so many things that have to be done in the short time frame of twenty four hours. I know that even though it sounds like a lot, when you factor in all of the things you have to do in just one day, you start to wish there were more hours to get everything accomplished. The thing that everyone needs to learn is time management to make sure that they make the most out of their time. This is something that will help you not only in your career, job and at home, but in school as well. The main thing that is going to take the most time management is going to be getting all of the writing assignments that are going to be due for my current classes. Currently I have two jobs, a child that is almost two and if that is not enough on my plate, I am also taking two classes at a time in order to obtain my Bachelors Degree. I live my life on schedules and don’t know how else I would stay sane if I did not. Since I have been at both of jobs for a significant
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AmandaWaugh_Unit2Assignment_CM225 - Page1 Time Management...

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