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Page 1 Finagle A Bagel Amanda Waugh MT 291 Marketing While reviewing the key concepts of the company Finagle a Bagel, I learned a lot about the inner working of this company. I must say that I was surprised as to how much thought was put into their
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Page 2 marketing. Some main points that I read about where those that are important to the marketing aspect of this business and how they were successful for Finagle a Bagel. These main points included the marketing mix, marketing environment as well as how the marketing environment impacts this company. I am going to go into detail of these three points so that you can get a better understanding of this company as well as its marketing techniques. When you think about a marketing mix, you have to think of the four main elements that make it. These elements are product, distribution, promoting and pricing. The products of Finagle a Bagel are all unique in their own way. Everything on the menu is made with bagels from the bagel pizza to the bagel crotons in the salads. This company does not go off of what the current hype is in the bagel industry and just make the kinds that everyone else has, they enjoy being trend setters and spend a lot of time coming up with new products. If they are trying to make a new product, it might even get put on hold until they are sure that they have all the right ingredients to make it taste and look just right. The distribution for this company is beyond amazing. There are only seventeen retail locations,
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AmandaWaugh_Unit2Assignment_MT291 - Page 1 Finagle A Bagel...

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