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Memo 1 Information Security Memo Amanda Waugh CM225 MEMORANDIUM
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Memo 2 To: Human Resources From: Amanda Waugh Date: June 11 th , 2010 Subject: Securing Information It has come to my attention that information security has become more and more of an issue in the business world. Cingular Wireless is no exception to this being an issue. Since you have come to me to find out what all we can do as a company to prevent this as much as possible, here is the update. I have gone through all of our programs to see what all we have been doing to prevent other companies from getting out personal information. When someone is first hired within our company, there is a confidentiality agreement that must be signed. However, from here on out I believe it is in the best interest of the company to make sure that this document is thoroughly reviewed before letting the employee sign it. Even though this is likely to prevent some of the sensitive information getting out, but there is more that we can do. Here is the annotated biography of some of the sources that I will use in order to insure security safety
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AmandaWaugh_Unit5Assignment_CM225 - Memo 1 Information...

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