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Unformatted text preview: Lextant Page1 Lextant Amanda Waugh MT219 Lextant Lextant Page2 Lextant is company that works with service providers to find out what products are working for their customers and what types of things that they could improve on. Companies like Lextant are very important to all the different companies that are trying to make their products better. Not only is Lextant looking at the simple at home products like shampoo, but also things as important at ways to perform surgery. To make sure that you have a better understanding about this company and how helpful they are, I am going to give you a more detailed look at how they help the service provider make a better more efficient product. I know there are always plenty of questions, so I hope this can help you know the answers. Some people may wonder how the research that is conducted by Lextant ultimately be used to facilitate consumers adoption of new services? To answer this, I would have to point out the focus groups that are being used at Lextant. This company will go and survey a lot of the consumers and then groups that are being used at Lextant....
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AmandaWaugh_Unit5Assignment_MT219 - Lextant Page1 Lextant...

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