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Information Security Page 1 Information Security Amanda Waugh CM225 Mary Bagley June 22 nd , 2010 Information Security
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Information Security Page 2 Information security is so much more important than some people may realize. Many businesses have trade secrets, which if stolen can provide competitive disadvantage and either end their business life, or if they’re lucky, just vanish their expansion and growth aspirations simply put. Therefore, they must protect that business confidential information at any price or they’ll disappear in no time (Henrix LLC, 2010). There are different ways in which we can protect any sensitive information, but they will take time and sometimes money. I believe that there is no price that you can put on your piece of mind and that the precautions that can be taken are. The first thing that can be done in order to prevent our company’s information to leak out is to be done at the very beginning of the hiring of new employees. Whenever someone new starts within out company there is a stack of paper work that is to be filled out and signed. I am sure that most of you are aware that not all of this paper work is actually read by the new employee, but this is something that needs to change. In this packet of documents there is a confidentiality agreement that goes over the importance of information security. From now on, this paper in particular needs to be gone over with the new hire to ensure that they fully understand what it means before signing it. Going over the importance of information security is important, but I believe that the new employees also need to know what all the consequences are if this contract is breeched. Even when people know that they are not supposed to reveal certain information, they may not think too much into it. However, if the employee knows what all could happen if they were to expose the company’s personal information, they are likely to be more careful in what they say. I also think it is a good idea to take this a step further and have the current employees sign this paper again after reviewing it with their superiors. Just like the new people coming in, they may have not went over this document thoroughly either when
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AmandaWaugh_Unit6Assignment_CM225 - Information Security...

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