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Unit 7 Constructive Criticism Assignment While proof reading the paper on employee motivation, I did find the paper to be very interesting. I also saw the relevance of the main idea in this paper .Employee motivation is something that is to be dealt with at every place of employment. It was formatted in the proper way and everything was cited in APA format. The errors that I did find were all minor errors that were most likely due to a slight overlook. The first thing that I would change in this paper is to make the first paragraph a little longer. It does make a valid point, but feels like it is cut too short. Maybe even just one more sentence would beef it up a little better. In the second paragraph the first sentence the word “intimidation” does not need to be capitalized. There only needs to be capitalization at the beginning of a sentence, a name, city, state or a title. I do not see the word “intimidation” as being any of the things on this list. In the beginning of paragraph three there is a sentence that starts by saying, “There is one that is
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