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Week 3 Assignment Jenny and Jack have a company called Sandwich Blitz that has the option of expanding. With all of the economic issues that everyone has been having, Jack and Jenny have to decide if they would like to expand on a smaller or larger scale. When any business is thinking about making any type of change, they have to look at all angles of their plan. We are going to talk about what they need to be thinking about when looking at going to a larger scale expansion. Just like with everything in someone’s life, there are pros and cons. Let’s take a look at the positive side of having a larger expansion. By opening more locations for Sandwich Blitz, there is an opportunity for financial growth. If the proper research is done as to what the customers want as well as what the competition is, Jack and Jenny will have the upper hand in the competitive aspect of business. A strength
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Unformatted text preview: that will help this company to succeed is a well organized plan. Some of the things that can be considered to be cons would include any weakness that the company may have as well as any threats that they are facing. The weakness that I can see is the same for all companies right now. The economy is in a standstill and does not appear to be looking up, so even if a business has a excellent plan to follow, it still may not do as well as it could have a few years back. The threat that is being focused on is the fact that there are two other companies that are very similar to Sandwich Blitz. In order to cut down the threat of these companies, the research needs to be done so that Jack and Jenny can stay on top....
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