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Unit 5 Assignment When a company is having a problem with tardiness to work, it is a problem that has to corrected. In order to run a successful business, everyone has to be in order and following all of the rules with no exception. In order to keep problems like this as minimal as possible there has to be a person in a leadership role that is in charge of the disciplinary actions to employees. There are different types of roles in leadership and what types of powers come along with these roles. To handle a issue such as this, the source of power that Jack and Jenny both hold and need to start to focus on is coercive power.
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Unformatted text preview: Coercive power is someone who has the authority to carry out some type of punishment to an employee. Someone who is in charge of these types of tasks has to be a leader as well as act in a professional manner. If the person that is put into this role in the company is easily controlled they may have a problem following through with the correct form of punishment. With anything in a business things such as being tardy need to be documented. When you are documenting what someone needs to improve on, it is also vital that the employees signs this document and understand what they need to change....
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