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TERRA ENERGY CORPORATION Terra Energy Corporation is a development-stage company that was incorporated on May 1, 1999. The Corporation and its subsidiary (collectively referred to as the “Company”) designs, develops, configures, and offers for sale power systems that provide reliable, high- quality, environmentally friendly power. The Company has segmented the potential markets for its products into three broad categories: high-energy, high-power uninterruptible power system, and high power distributed generation and utility power grid energy storage system. We have available for sale several high-energy products that deliver a low level of power over a long period of time (typically measured in hours). These products are tailored to the telecommunications, cable systems, computer networks, and Internet markets. We are developing a new high-energy product for potential applications in the renewable energy market for both photovoltaic and wind turbine uses. As part of exploring these markets we have committed to invest $2 million in Clear Sun Energies and we have purchased the inverter electronics technology of Technology Pacific. We have taken significant action over the last eighteen months to reduce our expenditures
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Document_1 - T ER RA ENERGY CORPORAT ION Terra Energy...

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