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MNE313/314 Week 3 Lab 1. Keep your two virtual machines that you have been working on in class. 2. Create 2 copies of your fresh image. 3. One will be a server the other will be a client. 4. Set both to local only. Assign the IPs of to your server and then to your client. 5. Run DCPromo on the server and then join the client to the domain. 6. Create 3 user accounts and 1 group. Join your 3 user accounts to the group. 7. Create a total of 6 shares; 3 on the server and 3 on your client. Create them on the root of C: and give them modify privileges on the shares. 8. Setup Distributed File Systems for the 6 shares that you have created. Once created, logon to the client, and test these out to ensure they work(use UNC convention from Run to test)
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Once working, create a logon script that will map all 6 drives when a user logs on. Use the Distributed File System’s paths when doing this. Do NOT use the direct mappings. 10. Setup Terminal Services on the server. 11. Deploy 4 applications that are already available from the operating system and then download and install 3 custom applications. Make sure that the programs can be opened from both the Terminal Services Website and also make a .MSI package, to install the remote app on the client. 12. Add an Alias record in DNS so that users aren’t typing in the server name to get to the terminal services website....
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