MNE 210_211 Final Exam

MNE 210_211 Final Exam - MNE 210/211 Final Exam You may use...

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MNE 210/211 Final Exam You may use any resource necessary to complete this exam other than asking a faculty member for help. This is due no later than Thursday, June 3 rd . Significant points will be deducted if turned in late. 1. Which of the following is not a benefit of DHCP? a) centralized administration of IP configuration b) dynamic host configuration c) seamless IP host configuration d) portability of workstations 2. What is the primary means of identifying network devices and services in a Windows Server 2008 network? a) DHCP b) TCP/IP c) DNS d) IP 3. The process of obtaining an IP address for a computer name (for example, “ComputerA”) is called __________. a) name resolution b) address controlling c) address resolution d) name controlling 4. Which of the following is not a top-level domain name? a) .aero b) .coop c) .museum d) .corp 5. IPv4 addresses are commonly represented by using what type of notation? a) subnetting b) CIDR c) classful addressing d) dotted-decimal 6. The DHCP relay agent listens for which messages that are broadcast from the client? a) DHCPDISCOVER b) DHCPREQUEST c) DHCPINFORM d) All of the above 7. What service provides the ability to use a Windows Server 2008 computer as a router, which passes network traffic from one TCP/IP network to another, as well as for remote access capabilities using either dial-up or VPN technology?
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b) Routing and Remote Access c) DHCP d) VPN Routing 8. Where would you find the Alternate Configuration tab? a) Network Connections Properties page b) Internet Protocol Properties page c) Network and Sharing Center Properties page d) Local Area Connection Properties page 9. DHCP is based heavily on which protocol? a) ARP b) ICMP c) BOOTP d) PAR 10. Which of the following is not a function of DHCP? a) transmitting data from one network to another b) bootstrapping diskless workstations c) automating the assigning, tracking, and reassigning of IP addresses d) dynamically allocating an IP address from a pool of addresses 11. If a system will be a DHCP server, what type of address should you set? a) automatic private IP address b) fixed IP address c) static IP address d) none of the above 12. Windows Server 2008 (and all Microsoft operating systems going back to Windows 2000) supports which two types of hard disks? a) partitioned and virtual b) basic and virtual c) partitioned and dynamic d) basic and dynamic 13. What is made up of free space from multiple physical disks? a) striped volume b) simple volume c) spanned volume d) mirrored volume 14. Which type of volume is made up of free space from multiple disks and uses RAID-0 striping to interleave data across the disks, thus improving the read performance of the volume? a) striped volume
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MNE 210_211 Final Exam - MNE 210/211 Final Exam You may use...

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