MNE210 Midterm - MNE210 Midterm This is due no later than...

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MNE210 Midterm This is due no later than the end of class on Thursday, April 29 th . If this is turned in late, there will be significant points lost. 1) A Windows Server 2008 computer that has been configured with the Active Directory DS role is referred to as a __________. a) domain controller b) domain manager c) global catalog d) DNS server 2.) The process of keeping each domain controller in synch with changes that have been made elsewhere on the network is called __________. a) copying b) osmosis c) transferring d) replication 3.) Interoperability with prior versions of Microsoft Windows is available in Windows Server 2008 through the use of __________. a) domain controllers b) functional levels c) global catalogs d) DNS servers 4.) The __________ Domain Controller contains a copy of the ntds.dit file that cannot be modified and does not replicate its changes to other domain controllers within Active Directory. a) Secondary b) Primary c) Read-Only d) Mandatory 5.) The largest container object within Active Directory is a(n) __________. a) organization unit b) domain c) tree d) forest 6.) A __________ is defined as one or more IP subnets that are connected by fast links. a) domain b) network c) site d) forest 7.) A __________ name references an object in the Active Directory directory structure by using its entire hierarchical path, starting with the object itself and including all parent objects up to the root of the domain a) common b) DNS
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d) distinguished 8.) What locator records within DNS allow clients to locate an Active Directory domain controller or global catalog? a) A records b) MX records c) SRV records d) SOA records 9.) Which functional level only allows Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2008 domain controllers? a) Windows 2000 Native b) Windows Server 2003 c) Windows Server 2008 d) Windows 2003 Mixed 10.) To raise the functional level of a forest, you must be logged on as a member of the __________ group. a) Domain Admins b) Enterprise Admins c) Global Admins d) Universal Admins 11.) Active Directory uses __________ relationships to allow access between multiple domains and/or forests, either within a single forest or across multiple enterprise networks. a) trust b) domain c) forest d) global 12.) When a child domain is created, it automatically receives a __________ trust with its parent domain. a) parent-child b) two-way transitive c) cross-forest d) simple 13.) What shared folder exists on all domain controllers and is used to store Group Policy objects, login scripts, and other files that are replicated domain-wide? a) SYSVOL b) AD c) C$ d) VOLMGR 14.) What is the minimum amount of storage space required for the Active Directory installation files? a) 100 MB
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MNE210 Midterm - MNE210 Midterm This is due no later than...

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