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MNE 210 Lab 1. Make sure that old servers are deleted and only use newly provided server. 2. Make 2 copies of the server, and keep one in safe secure place. 3. Start up the 2 servers, set IP’s appropriately so that you are able to ping each other. 4. Once pingable, promote one to a Domain Controller, and create a new domain. 6. In Active Directory User & Computers, setup your domain structure for 5 Locations: Lexington, Louisville, Cincinnati, Atlanta, and Topeka. 7. Within the 5 Locations, create an OU structure for Mangers and then Users. 8. Create groups for each location’s mangers and users (ex. Lex-Mangers, Lex-Users). Use a constant naming standard for all groups, OUs, and accounts. 9. Within each OU for Mangers and Users Create 3 accounts for each 10. Create a Share on the C:\ of the Domain Controller that Manger’s have full rights to, but
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Unformatted text preview: Users only can open up documents, but not modify. 11. Create a Share on the C:\ of the Client in which Manger’s have full rights, but Users have the ability to write to the folder, but not modify. 12. For one Manger at each location, create a home folder, and test that the home folder works. 13. Delegate control of resetting passwords for user accounts to the Mangers, but make sure only the managers at each location are able to reset the passwords for just their users. 14. Have one manager logon to the Client, then remote into the server, and change one of the user’s passwords. Do this once per location. (Note: Permissions to logon remotely may need to be given to managers on the Server) 15. If you get all this done, go into DNS, add a Host A records for each location that points back to your server. Logon to your client, and try to ping by location name to see if it works....
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