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MNE210 Week 3 Lab - MNE210 Week 3 Lab The users at your...

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MNE210 Week 3 Lab The users at your Topeka office have been causing more work for you than you would like. Using what we have learned, create a group policy JUST for the USERS at your TOPEKA location. The users will need basic functionality (launching applications, browsing to internet, access files locally and from shares), but do not need to be able to change advanced settings, or be able to add-remove programs. They do need to be able to change backgrounds, adjust resolution, access removable media, etc. Develop a security based GPO for these users that will prevent you from having to constantly correct their errors. While Topeka has been giving you problems, your other locations have been calling you on a daily basis for password problems. Modify the default domain policy to allow users to use the same password more often, and have the passwords last for longer. System wide, updates are run every night for programs and Windows. Make sure that no one is given the ability to shut down the system so that all computers will get updates. Along with this, find where to configure
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