MNE 210 Week 4 Lab - M NE 210 Week 4 Lab 1 Delete both...

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MNE 210 Week 4 Lab 1. Delete both servers that we were working with last week and yesterday 2. Create two copies of the virgin image, place them in separate folders 3. Create a new domain on one server 4. On the second, create a new domain in an existing forest 5. Under your primary domain, create 5 new OUs for the following locations: Lexington, New York, Tokyo, Chicago, and Ft. Knox. 6. Under each location, create 3 more OUs, one for Groups, one for Supervisors, and another for Users. 7. Create one user per OU minus the Groups OU(one for Supervisors & one for Users). 8. Create a group for your supervisors at each location, and a group for your users at each location. 9. Create a group for all supervisors and then one for all users, no matter what location they are at. 10. Repeat steps 5 – 9 for your secondary domain, but ensure to use different user names when creating user accounts. Keep a constant naming standard when creating, OUs, 11. Create home folders for your Supervisors (make sure that for your primary domain, the
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This note was uploaded on 12/17/2010 for the course TECHNOLOGY MNE 210 taught by Professor Na during the Spring '10 term at Sullivan.

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MNE 210 Week 4 Lab - M NE 210 Week 4 Lab 1 Delete both...

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